1 BILLION butterflies! Literally!

“A massive swarm of at least 1 billion butterflies is traveling across Los Angeles and neighboring counties at a breathtaking speed of about 20 miles an hour!”

The butterfly species Painted Ladies, cousins to the Monarch butterfly, are in a rush to reach breeding areas in Oregon after spending winter in the deserts of northern Mexico, according to Tom Merriman, a director of a butterfly non-profit group in Encinitas, in an interview with the Pasadena Star News. “They’ve laid tons of eggs in the desert, and so there may be over a billion butterflies,” Merriman told the paper.


The swarm has been spotted at the wineries in Temecula Valley. What a perfect weekend to come camp at Bierbaum Pepper Farm!

Check out @belvinowinery on Facebook to see videos of the beautiful swarm. Enjoy a glass of wine and retire to Bierbaum Pepper Farm to relax in the hot tub afterward!

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