2023 Kids


Our Sales/Kid Reservation Policy

Please note: Dams are given their CDT vaccine 30 days before kidding.
Kids are given their CDT vaccine at 8 weeks and their booster at 12 weeks. We will let our kids go between 8-12 weeks when they are ready.
We can show you how to give the CDT shot upon request or a vet will need to do this.
They require the CDT vaccination once a year after the booster is given at 12 weeks.
Kids are treated with a Coccidia preventative as needed.

We do not release our kids earlier than 8 weeks!

If wanting to purchase a weathered/castrated male then they will be available after 12-16 weeks of age since we will band them for you.

Transporting a baby can cause stress which can cause them to get sick. This includes pneumonia or a coccidia bloom. This does not mean the baby was sick when it left us and a baby will only leave our care if we believe it to be healthy.
All goats have coccidia. A bloom is caused by stress which taking them from their mother and home can cause. Keep an eye on them, do your research BEFORE buying a baby, have a thermometer, watch for diarrhea and respiratory issues.
You can contact us at any time if there are concerns but before purchasing a goat please make sure that you have a vet in mind. We use Temecula Creek Veterinary.

Goats must always live in pairs. If purchasing a baby there must be another goat around the same age. Otherwise, the baby will be lonely, it will be stressed. Even if you plan on having it live in the house in diapers with you. Giving it cuddles all day will not make up for it not having a companion. It must have a companion or it will fail to thrive in your care.

Coco (Sire) + Smokey (Dam)
Kidded 6/21/23 with twin doelings

2 Doelings – One Available:
Persephone: Black with spots of brown, Blue Eyes, Polled. AVAILABLE – $450 (R2)
Athena: Silver, Blue Eyes, Polled – RETAINED (R1)

Athena: Silver, Blue Eyes, Polled – RETAINED (R1)
Persephone: Blue Eyes, Polled. AVAILABLE – $450 (R2)

Pedigree for Coco (Coming Soon) – Blue Eyes, Polled & Silver
Pedigree for Smokey – Blue Eyes

Coco (Sire) + Ember (Dam)
Kidded 6/25/23 with Quads

2 Doelings – One Available:
(Hera: Chocolate with White Poll, Blue Eyes, horns) $400 (R3)
(Iris: Black/Chocolate with Frosted Ears, Blue Eyes) SOLD* (R4)
2 Bucklings:
1 SOLD (Apollo: Silver, Blue Eyes, Disbudded) SOLD (R5)
1 Died during labor, mother crushed him (Silver, Blue Eyes) (R6)
Pedigree for Coco (Coming Soon) – Blue Eyes, Polled & Silver
Pedigree for Ember

Coco (Sire) + Peggy Sue (Dam)
Kidded 6/26/23 with a single

1 Doeling Retained (Not available for sale) (Aphrodite: Silver, Blue Eyes and Disbudded) (R7)
Pedigree for Coco (Coming Soon) – Blue Eyes, Polled & Silver
Pedigree for Peggy Sue

Coco (Sire) + Coffee Bean (Dam)
Kidded 9/21/23 with Twins

2 Doelings All SOLD
Calypso: Silver, Blue Eyes, Polled (Female) SOLD (R14)

Circe – Tri-Color: Brown and black with frosted ears, Polled (Female) SOLD (R15)

Poblano (Sire) + Cayenne (Dam)
Kidded 9/22/23 with Triplets

3 Doelings – All SOLD
Harmonia – Chamoisee with frosted ears with Horns SOLD (R16)

Cleo – Chamoisee with white poll with horns. SOLD (R17)

Daphne – Chamoisee without any white. Horns SOLD (R18)

Poblano (Sire) + Roweena (Dam)
Kidded 9/20/23 with Triplets

2 Doelings & 1 Buckling – ALL SOLD
Phoebe – All Black with Blues Eyes, Polled (Female). SOLD* (R8)

Ares – Chamoise with Blue Eyes (Male) SOLD (R9)
Hebe – Chamisee with white and Blue Eyes has horns (Female) SOLD (R10)

Poblano (Sire) + Fraulein (Dam)
Kidded 9/21/23 with Triplets

2 Doelings and 1 BucklingAll SOLD
Artemis – Chamoise with White (Male). Possibly Polled SOLD (R11)

Gaia – Black and White (Female). Blue Eyes, Disbudded SOLD (R12)

Medea – Black and White with Blue Eyes, Polled (Female) SOLD (R13)