2018 Kids

Our first kids born on the farm. They were technically born in 2019 but Coffee was bred in 2018 so they are our 2018 kids.
We kept these two for a couple of years and then we sold them.
Adzuki Bean is the Sire and he is Pinto Bean’s twin brother.
Adzuki had blue eyes and Pinto was polled otherwise it was impossible to tell them apart.
We also sold Adzuki. We wanted blue eyed kids but decided that the polled gene was more important. This was the beginning of a very long learning experience. For example, we won’t buy twin brothers again lol.
Adzuki’s registered name is 3 Sisters Ranch Wyatts Winston and this is his ADGA Genetics/Registration.

Coffee Bean + Adzuki Bean
Coffee’s 1st Freshening
Coffee Kidded 1/28/2019 with Twins:

Chocolate Habanero: Male Disbudded (Sold)

Scotch Bonnet: Male Disbudded (Sold)

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