2019 Kids

Only 3 kids this year. Two of the kids were retained and one sold.
None of the kids were registered in 2019 because we were new at this and intimidated by the registration process.

Coffee Bean + Pinto Bean
Coffee’s 2nd Freshening
Coffee Kidded on 12/5/2019 with Twins:

Naga Viper: Male Horned (Sold)

Ember Pepper: Female Horned (Retained)

Vanilla Bean + Pinto Bean
Unfortunately Vanilla and her kids cannot be registered with the ADGA. She was the first doe that we bought at 8 weeks old in 2017. The breeder was getting rid of her herd, moving out of state and changed her number. I didn’t understand the registration process. She gave me the wrong paperwork which is unfortunate. She has such a sweet personality and Cayenne gives us SO MUCH MILK. I wish I could get her milking star.
Vanilla’s 1st Freshening
Vanilla Kidded on 11/17/2019 with a Single Kid:

Cayenne: Female Horned
(Retained initially but now for sale, reluctantly)
Cayenne cannot be registered

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