2021 Kids

All kids from the 2021 breeding season were sold as pets.
None of the kids were registered in 2021

Cayenne & Pinto
Cayenne’s 2nd Freshening
Cayenne Kidded 09/01/2021 with Triplets:

Peppino: Male Polled (Sold)

Pepperchini: Male (Sold)

JalapeƱo Popper: Male Polled (Sold)

Fraulein & Poblano
Fraulein’s 1st Freshening
Fraulein Kidded on 08/27/21 with Twins

Chipotle: Male Polled (Sold)

Peppercorn: Female Polled & Blue Eyed (Sold)

Unfortunately we did not get the best pictures this year.
To be honest, it’s because I was out of state in Missouri helping my dad as he went through a bone marrow/stem cell transplant and chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma. We had already bred these does when we found out that I needed to be there or I would not have bred them. David did the best he could but was not as attentive as I would have been at taking pictures.

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