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We do sell our goats.
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Pricing ranges between $150-$500 depending on gender/traits/pedigree/genetics.
We are introducing some better genetics to the herd this year so the pricing will likely get higher for kids after this year.

Nigerian Dwarfs are a dairy goat and we do not sell them for meat.

Here is a list of our ADGA Registered Does
Here is a list of our ADGA or MDGA Registered Bucks






Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature dairy goat. We do consume the raw milk here on the farm and sell other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, etc. You can check out our products HERE.

Adult Nigerian Dwarf does are around 55-65 lbs and the bucks about 65-75 lbs. The breed standard for height is between 17″ and 23.5″ This is the height to their back, not their head. For us, this is the perfect size as even the mini goats can be strong! I’m only 5’4″ and I can handle them easily on my own. However, considering how friendly and affectionate they are, this breed is very docile and non-agressive. The perfect breed to start with if you are new to goats.
The does will have 1-5 kids though more often I see twins and triplets. The kids can weigh 1-5 lbs at birth depending on a variety of factors.
Nigerian does make excellent mothers.

You will find that our goats are not shy at all!
We socialize them very early on. They are exposed to campers from birth and we bottle feed them so they associate food with people.
Nigerians are actually very affectionate. They love getting their goat treats and will beg for attention when they see you walk by. They are as smart as dogs, can learn their names, do tricks if you work with them. I’ve heard they can even be house/potty trained but it takes a lot of work.
Goats are loud. When they see you, they will be loud to get your attention because they want treats. I promise, they aren’t actually hungry. These goats are more than well fed.

We vaccinate and test our herd yearly for CAE, Johne’s, CL, etc.
Records can be provided upon request when purchasing a goat. We have NEVER had a goat test positive during the bio-security screenings.
I have had some campers request to bring their own goats on property while camping. Sadly, this is a firm no. It is very important to keep a herd healthy and disease free. I will not allow other goats on the property.

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