Hot Peppers!

Unfortunately we will not be growing hot peppers for the 2022 growing season. Our Super Hot Peppers will be coming back some time in 2023.

We named Bierbaum Pepper Farm for the Peruvian Pepper trees that are on the property. In the high desert, besides some pine trees, they are about the only tress that will grow without water out here.
However, another reason why we wanted to create a “pepper” farm is for our love of spicy food.
One of our favorite hot peppers is the Habanero. When you go to the grocery store, you generally only see orange Habaneros so many people think that is the only kind of Habanero there is. However, there are actually many varieties of Habanero. Each variety has it’s own flavor and level of spiciness.

David likes them primarily for the heat factor. However, I believe the flavor of the Habanero, in spite of the heat, is actually much better than the flavor of the Jalapeño.  I think just the flavor of the pepper can really enhance certain food.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you will see posts of recipes with our hot peppers with suggestions on how to cook with them to include the flavor and a little less heat if desired. I love cooking, experimenting and combining flavors. Sometimes David is the only one that likes (or can take the HEAT from) the resulting meal but at least I have one true fan!

We’ve had many failed gardens over the years. We’re trying to grow hot peppers in the desert after all! But in 2023 we plan on using hydroponics, raised garden beds and hay bale gardens with drip systems. Updates on our progress will be posted on Facebook and Instagram once that starts.